Myopia Awareness Week

Eyeli supports the first ever international Myopia Awareness Week. Myopia is a leading cause of avoidable vision loss.  By the year 2050, nearly half the world’s population will be myopic.  That is a staggering 5 billion people suffering from potentially preventable vision loss and increased risk of blindness. Research and product development has enabled us […]

Myopia Management: Why and How

Myopia, presents the biggest threat to eye health of the 21st century.  A chronic, progressive disease, it is characterised by excessive eye elongation and can lead to sight-threatening complications.1  Incidence of myopia has increased at alarming rates around the world, with higher prevalence recorded among children and young adults.  This is placing not only a […]

Binocular Vision: Why it is so important

Binocular vision should form a fundamental part of every visual assessment, especially when looking after children’s vision, for three main reasons: Binocularity Having two eyes that work together, enables us to have three-dimensional vision, depth perception, distance judgement and eye-hand coordination.  Without binocular vision, catching a ball, driving a car or even a simple task […]

Update and guidance on management of myopia – European Society of Ophthalmology in cooperation with International Myopia Institute

Myopia has been recognised as a significant global health issue.  Due to the urgency of the current situation, the European Society of Ophthalmology, in cooperation with the International Myopia Institute decided to publish this update (see article attached) of the current information and guidance on management of myopia.  In summary, it discusses the following: What […]

Eyeli Launched

We are excited to announce that we launched Eyeli today.

You can now download Eyeli from the App Store or Google Play.

Managing Myopia: A Clinical Response to the Growing Epidemic

Johnson & Johnson Vision unveiled a new guide with recommendations for eye care professionals to assess, monitor and treat myopia in children in Response to the Growing Myopia Epidemic. The guide, titled “Managing Myopia: A Clinical Response to the Growing Epidemic,” is a result of a year of collaboration with leading organizations in optometry, including […]